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The Plaza

  Just a short walk from the place where we were staying (pictured above) was Santa Fe's downtown Plaza area--a mix of galleries, museums and shopping.

I walked to the Plaza several days. The walk there was always a delight--with the mix of adobe architecture and sculpture everywhere.


Santa Fe was decked out for the holidays, making it even more beautiful.


 Part of what I enjoyed about Santa Fe was that it was a great city for walking. I found out I was much more willing to walk when I was going from gallery to gallery.

And I was in Santa Fe long enough to find my favorite resting spot--this downtown Starbucks that featured original art on the walls. (Why can't they all do that?) What was so great about this vacation was having a very relaxed scheduled that really only included window shopping, gallery surfing, and coffee breaks. This vacation scored an A+ in all those categories.

 If only I had the $$ to come home with those boots and the matching bag!

Next up: Santa Fe's Museums