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Art of Recovery--the Exhibit opens

A while back I wrote about four of my paintings being a part of the Art of Recovery exhibit. (You can read that post here).  Well, winter has past and the show is up! I am anxiously waiting to see the entire exhibit at the opening reception this Friday

The reception takes place Friday, April 20th from 3:30-6:30 pm at the Minnesota State Arts Board (conveniently located a few blocks from my house). The exhibit can also be viewed during normal business hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 -4:30 from April 23rd - June 29th.  I know that doesn't work for everyone so please take note: The exhibit will also be a part of the St. Paul Art Crawl--which is the weekend of April 27th - 29th. Here's a link to all the details:


 This exhbit's purpose is to give voice to victims of violence and to raise awareness about violent crime. I am proud that my paintings will be a part of this annual exhibit. While my experiences as a battered woman happened half a lifetime ago (and I am now happily married to a wonderfully supportive man), it is still an important part of my life story. Making art helped me survive...and ultimately thrive.

When I submitted my artwork, they asked me to write an artist statement about the work. They have included that statement, along with images of my work, on their website. Here's a link to the page:



Art of Recovery


Kitty Squeakers checking out what I was up to--taking photos of artwork

This week, besides fighting the same dang cold, I took a brief break from painting to get four of my paintings ready to take in to be part of the Art of Recovery exhibit (artwork needed to be delivered this week).  This exhibit features work by Minnesota artists--writers, visual artists, composers...who have been victims of crime and have used art as a means to respond, explore, express, or heal.
Many years ago, another lifetime really, I was in an abusive marriage. I got myself out, but the healing was slow. I had lost my art...for a time. Finding my way back to making art was a crucial step in my healing.
And these paintings tell the story of my journey. A journey out a place of hurting to a place of empowerment.
The Mother Goddess, 24" x 18"

This exhibit seems like a good place to share them. To get them ready to exhibit, I needed to paint the sides of the canvas (something I was not in the habit to do at the time I painted these...but now always do).  I also made sure to take some new photos of the work.
Like a Phoenix Rising, 30" x 24"
It was a little like getting my babies ready to leave the nest. I wanted them to look good and be ready for their journey. I know that might sounds silly, but these paintings are very close to my heart.
Force of Nature  22" x 28"

And so they are gone for the next several months. The exhibit opens at the MN State Arts Board on April 20th. It will be on exhibit thru June 29th. Some of the pieces may be chosen to travel to outstate exhibits during the summer.
So now I return to painting. I'll have more news about this exhibit as the time approaches.
(Footnote: Editor is acting up and not saving this post as I would like...I can't get the spacing I want! So I'm tossing my arms up in frustration, making the post public, and will come back later when Editor is more agreeable!)