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 Last night I was a little worried I had bit off a little more than I could chew, so to speak. Working full time (at a job that is physically exhausting still) + helping with a week-long pop-up gallery = overwhelm. But my partner in crime, Tara Tieso told me not to sweat it and reassured me that we would have fun.

And today we had LOADS of fun!

To promote our little pop-up gallery, we made little bags of "art surprises" and then "art bombed" the neighborhood where the gallery is located (2401 University Ave--which is University Ave and Raymond).

Some bags contained artwork....

Some contained little watercolor kits! They all contained information about our pop-up gallery, our business cards, little watercolor bookmarks... Once we had the bags all put together, we ventured out to place them in the community...that's when it got really fun!

Tara drove and when we found a spot to place a bag I would jump out of the car to "deliver" the bag.  "Art bombing" is the most fun I've had in ages! Seriously, it was so good for my soul. It was delightful to find a spot and imagine someone finding the "art treat". 

It was so much fun that I think we might keep doing it all week!


We even "art bombed" these Nice Ride bikes.

And we "art bombed" the yarn bomb!


After all that, we started moving some art into the pop-up! Hanging will continue tomorrow, but we will be open! We will even have some music in the evening around 8! 

Stop by to check it out...and while you're in the neighborhood, watch out for art bombs!