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To hell with the dust bunnies...


 Tonight I am enjoying a rare evening home alone--an opportunity to have some time to myself and catch my breath. 

It's been a very busy few months. In late February, I started a new job. Just as I was starting to get the hang of that gig, I got offered my dream job--at least, the kind of dream job I need to help support me in my vocation as an artist. I got offered a job as a guard at my favorite art museum in town.

Initially it was supposed to be a temp gig. I was going to work a special exhibit for 6 weeks, be laid off for 6 weeks and then go back for a 3 month show. But, life has a way of switching things up and I have NOT been laid off! This is definitely a good thing. 

Some days I head to work and pinch's almost too good to be true--I get paid to work in my "happy place". I get to spend the day walking thru the museum, protecting (and enjoying) the art. While sometimes I have to be the "bad guy" and remind folks not to touch the art, more often than not, I get to help make their visit to the museum a better one. The past two weeks I've been working in the Asian galleries, African galleries and Art of the Americas galleries. Amazing collection.

Lest it sound too good, I have to admit that physically it is demanding and exhausting. I am getting accustomed to the routine, but at the end of the day my body is still worn out.

And so, adding this new work routine has been a challenge to my studio routine. At first, work took over. But adjustments have now been made and I am once again busy in the studio.

Of course, having the pressure of a two-person show that needs to be installed in less than a month sort of put me under the gun.

I respond well to deadlines.

The days I'm not at work, I'm feverishly painting in the studio. In the evenings following work, I am busy at the computer...working out the details of the show, putting together some promotional materials for the show...It will all come together.

My life is organized chaos.

But it's alright...I can live with the dust bunnies.

As long as I can paint.


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