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My final thoughts on Santa Fe

My trip to Santa Fe was inspiring on many fronts. I definitely hope to return for another visit. And in my dream world, I imagine living there...for many reasons...

Santa Fe is an incredible city for an artist. Did you know it ranks #3 in the United States for art sales-- behind only New York City and Los Angeles. There are a great many galleries selling a wide variety of work, including a lot of abstract work. That was very powerful to me as an abstract painter. It's wonderful being somewhere where it feels like your own work would fit right in. It makes it feel so much more possible.

Santa Fe is a wonderful city for walking. I walked more the week I was in Santa Fe than I have in a long time. It felt wonderful.

It is a city with a rich artistic history. There is something very powerful about knowing that some pretty influential artists paved the way before you.

The sky. I love how open the Southwest sky feels.

The landscape in general. The colors. The dry heat.

Love. Love. Love.



Alas, my dream move isn't likely to happen anytime soon. But in the meantime, I hope to keep a little bit of that Southwest fantasy remembering what it was like to walk through all those galleries, see all that art up on the walls...and imagine... that someday it could be my work up on the walls.



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